from by Lucy Christo

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A dark journey of self discovery into the taboo underworlds of porn addiction and relationship dynamics.


Replenish the bright lights of Jesus/
My achievements haven’t reached what I seek/
But seasons pass, seize the masses/
Eternal fire of desire/ Pain leaves with ashes/
So I breathe in sexual passion and breathe out love/
Backtrack to black magic/
I wear a flak jacket/
So you can blast blasphemous attacks
Massive activism/
Try to relax with crack in your system/
You get a backlashin’ for subtracting fractions /
From the mathematical/ Backstabbin radical/
A maximum penitentiary sentence/
I pack a back pack full of raps and I’m gone for centuries/
So if you’ve heard of me and mention me/
Your friends should be essentially free attention for me/
Which means I’ll be tension free for weeks/
An attention whore/
What speaks to me like French for fuck me more/
You perverts ever lust before?

And porn is not reality/
It’s a synthetic substitute for your neglected sexuality/
I scream love, love , love but choke women in my mind/
Deep throat em take what’s mine/
Eat my scrotum, break your spine/
Close the blinds/
I’ll sell you lies you end up buyin’ em/
Blindsighted by the fine dining and the wine inside ya/
25 I hit my prime you start your decline/
Cuz you’ve been defined by the deep rooted denial/
You text me I don’t reply like your memories as a child/
That become your child’s memories/
Repeat patterns like the legs on a centipede/
Bless me with your flesh, fetishes are fresh/
I left with your sex, but the insects that I left in ya/
Eat you like I ate you out/
Took me on a date but you can’t take me out/
My face remains a place you made mistakes about/
And I’m not a devout priest/
But I break vows until the Tao speaks/


from Love Hidden, released April 25, 2015
Produced by Lucy Christo



all rights reserved


Lucy Christo Seattle, Washington

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